Category: Nexus 6P Custom ROMs


Floating Multi Window on Nexus 6P! [Benzo ROM]

If you want to add floating multi-window to your Nexus 6P, you can do it easily with the Benzo ROM.  I have been daily driving the Benzo ROM for my Nexus 6P for about a week now and glad to say this is one of the best custom ROMs I’ve used so far.

Based on latest Android 6.0.1, you can expect stability of Marshmallow along with awesome performance, battery life, and a ton of customization options.


Dirty Unicorns ROM for Nexus 6P!

Still on stock ROM/firmware?  If so, you are pretty much missing out on 99% of what your Nexus 6P can do.  For this week’s custom ROM of the week, check out the latest Dirty Unicorns ROM.

Based on latest Android 6.0.1, Dirty Unicorns ROM brings you faster performance, better battery life, and best of all, ton of customization.  This is also one of my favorite ROMs that I run on my old Galaxy Note 2 and 3.


Pure Nexus ROM for Nexus 6P!

For those of you looking for something more than stock, something faster with a ton more customization, definitely check out the latest version of Pure Nexus ROM for your Nexus 6P.

Based on latest Android 6.0.1 r10, Pure Nexus ROM brings you pure experience of Google OS along with excellent choice of customization options.  For T-Mobile users, you will also get WiFi calling working out of the box.  It also has fully working VoLTE and for Sprint users it has native support for PRL/Profile update.


Chroma ROM for Nexus 6P! [Android 6.0.1]

For those of you looking to upgrade your rooted Android 6.0 Nexus 6P, check out the Chroma ROM, which is based on latest Android 6.0.1 and gives you additional features/customization over stock.  I have been using Chroma ROM with the original Nexus 6 and have to say this is one of the most stable/fast custom ROMs I have ever used.