Floating Multi Window on Nexus 6P! [Benzo ROM]


If you want to add floating multi-window to your Nexus 6P, you can do it easily with the Benzo ROM.  I have been daily driving the Benzo ROM for my Nexus 6P for about a week now and glad to say this is one of the best custom ROMs I’ve used so far.

Based on latest Android 6.0.1, you can expect stability of Marshmallow along with awesome performance, battery life, and a ton of customization options.

First off, Benzo ROM brings you beastly-like performance over stock firmware, I was able to score over 90,000 on Antutu.  Besides benchmarking numbers, everything runs super fast and you will definitely have a faster 6P experience.  Battery life is also exceptionally good, I’ve had some great days with super long battery life.

Now, if you are into customizing your phone, the Benzo ROM offers an endless number of customization allowing you to tweak your animations, buttons, Heads Up notifications, lockscreen, navigation, quick settings, and much more.  You will also have enhanced sound through Viper4Android (installed out of box, great for headphone users) and be able to add cool navigation shortcuts like App Circle Bar, PIE Controls, App Sidebar, Gesture Anywhere and more.

My absolute favorite feature are the multi-window and floating multi-window.  Multi-window works with all apps and do cool stuff like using your phone to browse the web or tweet while doing a live Periscope broadcast.  The floating multi-window is pretty fun to play with also.  Although still a beta feature, floating multi-window is very similar to the one found on Samsung Galaxy phones.

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