Why Root the Nexus 6P?

One of the biggest questions I get is, “why root the Nexus 6P?”.  Well, I have an answer for you.

First, Google usually releases Android OS with minimal number of features but with stability and focus on excellent performance and battery life.   In the open source world, hundreds (or maybe thousands) of developers tweak and modify the Android OS to give new features like ability to customize the navigation bar (perhaps by adding your own shortcut buttons instead of just sticking with boring menu, home, and recents buttons), add gesture shortcuts, and more.

Second, the real question is, if you are not rooting the Nexus 6P, why did you get it?  Most people don’t know that 99% of Nexus device’s features are hidden with custom ROMs and rooting.   In other words, if you don’t root your Nexus 6P, you are only using 50% of your phone(brain).

Of course, rooting isn’t for your typical gramma or grampa who is not tech savvy nor do we recommend it to anyone who is horrible with gadgets.  But, that’s where we come in, our site has been designed to help anyone (who can read) root their phone and install custom ROMs.  Over the years, we have seen 80+ year veterans and even teenagers rooting their phone successfully and enjoying the benefits of the aftermarket world.

Best of all, all Nexus devices can be unrooted and you can indeed unvoid the warranty simply by flashing stock firmware and re-locking the bootloader with the command, “fastboot flashing lock”.

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