How to Root Nexus 6P! [Win/Mac/Linux]


For those of you who want to root your Nexus 6P, here’s a step-by-step tutorial for all Windows, Mac, and Linux/Ubuntu.

Before we begin, rooting your Nexus 6P involves unlocking the bootloader, which ERASES EVERYTHING!!!  So PLEASE make a backup of everything beforehand!!! You’ve been warned, please do not whine like a baby because you didn’t read this, we will not be responsible!

Step 1. First, go into Settings->About Phone and make note of your Android version and Build number.  Write it down on a piece of paper as you will need it later.


Step 2. Tap on the Build Number about 5 times until it says, “You are now a developer!”.


Step 3. Tap the back button then tap on “Developer options”.


Step 4. Make sure “OEM unlocking” is turned ON.


Step 5. Power off your Nexus 6P.  Then hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together until you see an Android guy laying down with stomach open like below.


Step 6. Connect a USB Type C cable from your Nexus 6P to your computer’s USB port.


Step 7. Next, download the following files:

Download (for all Windows, Mac, and Linux/Ubuntu)

Download Nexus 6P USB Driver (only required for Windows)

Download SuperSU

Download TWRP for Nexus 6P

Download Boot image for Nexus 6P (for mdb08k)


Step 8. Go ahead and unzip, Nexus 6P USB drivers (for Windows), and boot image zip file.  You should find new folders in your Downloads directory.

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62 Responses

  1. Marc Perrusquia says:

    Do you have a link to the boot image for build number MDA89D?

  2. Kenneth Nguyen says:

    What if my build number is mdb08l?

  3. D Duffy says:

    Are the multiple boot images for the nexus 5X and 6P dependent upon the carrier? They haven’t been out long enough for 4 updates, have they? My build number is MDA89D, just like the original poster.

  4. joey says:

    i have MDB08L build and this method works perfect. FYI peeps

  5. Jake says:

    When I try to boot the Recovery for the first time, I get a prompt that says “No Command”. Please help.

  6. Dave says:

    I noticed in your video it states that unlocking the bootloader trips the qfuse, however it is not mentioned on this written guide, i have been reading up on the 6p qfuse scandal and i cannot find any official information about it. There are several XDA forum posts saying that it will trip the fuse and others saying it will not and is just a media frenzy. Does anybody know of any official/trusted sources?

  7. Brooks says:

    I’m not sure what is happening but I’m following the instructions and I get the very first part of installing usb drivers and when I browse and get to the extracted usb_driver folder I have a few files one being android_winusb bit NOT android_winusb.inf so I cannot open the file…I can’t believe I’m stuck on such something so simple!
    Thanks for the help and the video is great and so are the instructions but I’m wondering what is the problem with me.

  8. Yash says:

    dear max,
    I followed every step but can’t copy file to my Nexus 6P. Please help. As a matter of fact, I can’t copy anything to my phone. I tried everything

  9. Robert says:

    Can you please make a list whit the new image? And for update just have to install manually right??

    Thank for your help..

  10. reza says:

    There is a new update for the device. Will this unroot my device? should I do it?

  11. Gonzalo says:

    When I try to flash the custom recovery, I get a robot saying, ”No command”, hopefully somebody gets the solution. Thanks in advance.

  12. ken says:

    How is this going to work if my build number is MMB29P?

  13. K says:

    Any methods for MMB29P?

  14. Jake says:

    If the build number is MMB29P can this still work or do you need another image?

  15. sergio medina says:

    yes hello. I’m also pending a build for MMB29P..

    p.s. when i connect to android file transfer, it always says my 6P is locked. (I
    removed my password to fix this. not working. any ideas?


  16. mike says:

    Got a nexus 6p last week and considering rooting.
    I am curious if rooting will effect use with Project Fi? I am currently using…
    Are there any known issues, limitations or features that don’t work on a rooted stock rom?
    Does rooting break using encryption?

    thanks in advance!

  17. David Forest says:

    How do you root your nexus 6p if your computer doesn’t support USB type C

  18. Thien says:

    Hey Max can i root my Nexus 6p 6.0.1 build # MMB29Q ???

  19. Thien says:

    still can’t find the boot image for MMB29Q 6.0.1..any help would be appreciated !!

  20. Brandon says:

    The link to the Nexus 6P drivers is broken, just an fyi 🙂

  21. Taylor says:

    My build # is MHC19I are the steps the same for me? I just got an update today on 6.0.1

  22. Bob says:

    Same here as Taylor. I have the latest Firmware update. Build # MHC191 which does not match the modified boot.img which you gave a link for which is mdb08k. Could I use this boot.img? If not, what do I use? Can’t find any other modified boot.img anywhere.

    • Fanny says:

      Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promote deaoyrmcc. Thank you.

    • MA auto indsurance says:

      So glad I don’t live down there. I’ve had 5 or six trips to the ER in the last two years, along with 12 or so scheduled paracentesis procedures. Then the liver transplant…I would be quite dead, I think.

  23. Jerome says:

    Max i cant find my boot image MHC19I …could i use a different bootimage ?

  24. Maurice Roman says:

    Is root Nexus 6p 6.0.1 build # MMB29M available at this moment?

  25. John Jones says:

    Looking for boot image mhc19c…….? Where do I find it?

  26. John Jones says:

    Mhc19q this one sorry..

  27. brandon says:

    Can i use this method on my new Build MHC19Q????
    i just purchased this phone.. just want to make sure i dont brick it..


  28. fernando resi says:

    hola, hice todo como se describe, pero al iniciar en twrp me pide contraseña, por más que ponga la opcion de abajo no me deja hacer nada, alguien sabe la contraseña del twrp recovery. no puedo flashear nada. gracias

  29. Benjamin Noyles says:

    i have build mtc19v. any help on that

  30. Rishi says:

    I flashed twrp to recovery but whenever I try to boot in recovery mode, it just displays “no command”. Then, when I press power & volume up keys, it opens the stock recovery instead of twrp. Can someone help me? Thanks!

  31. grunt0300 says:

    Will this method work on stock N6P, with 7.0?


    I have Nexus 6p and Mac . Do you know of an option to unroot my phone ? Trying to get back to stock . Please help

  33. Milenko says:

    I have build number N4F26I so I don’t know what to do???? Help!

  34. Jose says:

    Can you tell me how to root Nexus 6p on N4F26I, I’m really looking to root my phone

  35. James G says:

    Thank you, It help me a lot in rooting my 6p, especially the method you demonstrated is better the others!
    But I encounter a big barrier in operations.

    Here is it:
    In the recovery, it can’t be mount the storage without the encrypting password even though I change the lock screen from pattern to none or pin or password in Android system. In the recovery, it says: password failed, please try again. What kind of password is it! It really confuses me a lot! Gosh. Give me the password please. How ridiculous it is!

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  37. fortnite hack for mac says:

    I really enjoy examining on this internet site , it has got great posts .

  38. J says:

    Developer options enabled,oem unlock on, usb debug on in settings. When trying to fastboot says debugging disabled cmd -fastboot unlock flashing, but says device is locked?? Wtf?

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